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A live music event platform curated
by artists, collectives, and event organisers.


  • Promoters
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Spend less time managing promotion and more time attracting new talent. Improve the quality of your crowds by targeting listeners through their music preferences.

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Create and share
event playlists

Increase the quality of promotion with almost no extra work. Start targeting people through the music your hosting by curating event base playlists like demos to create hype and drive connection through music.

Automatically sync
your Facebook events

Sign in to Night District using Facebook and your events are automatically synced. Custom links are generated to your pre-defined event playlists that can be shared easily on any other platform.

your reach

Don't let two degrees of separation stop someone miss your event. Target gig goers by location and music to drive the right people through your doors. Night District reduces the risk of going out to a new nightclub/gig by letting listeners discover your sound in advance.

Cross promote content

and re-engage listeners

Understand and target your audience by getting the crowd before the event. Create hype playlists and see how many people are listening to the music before hiring the talent. Update event goers with post-event updates to playlists driving listeners back for more.


  • Listeners
  • Clubbers
  • Travellers

Getting out tonight and not sure what’s on? Night District offers a look into the gigs in your city by letting you sample the music that’s playing. Taking the luck out of finding the style you want.

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Search gigs by
location and genre

Search through a 1000’s of curated gigs in your area and filter them by your preffered genres. Plan the night in a matter of minutes and never risk walking out of a club becuase you don’t like the music again.

Access exclusive
event playlists

Unknown artist on a gig poster? Not anymore - listen to hype playlists curated by artists, collectives, and event organisers. Post-gig playlists provide historic event playlists and nostalgic memories of that unforgettable night out.

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